Our truck is an ice cream shop on wheels: we carry 15 flavors (the most popular from the shop plus a few vegan flavors) in cups or cones; sundaes with caramel and fudge and an assortment of toppings; and root beer floats. 冰淇淋,冰淇淋圣代.
在KC市区到处扔豆子和奶油. 周二到周五,我们会按预定路线走. 晚上和周末,我们参加城市里各种各样的活动. 咖啡, 煮好的咖啡, 拿铁咖啡, 卡布奇诺咖啡, 茶茶, 其他的茶, 热巧克力, 刨冰, 冰沙, 肉桂漩涡咖啡cake, 巨型松饼.